Grief Counseling for Teens

Grief is a natural and normal response to loss. Teens will experience grief but will often try to hide their true feelings. They will act as though nothing has happened, fearing the vulnerability that comes with expression. Rather than staying with the grief process long enough to experience relief, teens will seek distractions. Communication with adults is sometimes difficult for teens so peer counseling is helpful. It can play an important role in helping teens work through some of the despair, anger and grief associated with losing a loved one.

Art Therapy Workshop-A Celebration of Grief

Angelina Rodriquez, Art Therapist, developed a workshop in which participants would create boxes honoring those loved ones they'd lost. Art therapy is like opening up doors to your subconscious. Working on the "memory" boxes helps someone connect with the reality of death and develops an understanding of the process of grief. View the video to gain some inspiration on creating your own "memory" box.

Music Video BarlowGirl - Never Alone

Music is the language of the heart; when nothing else can express how we feel, there is often a song that comes to mind that says it all for us. Sometimes listening to music can express the agony and grief when the exact words are difficult to find. This particular video was chosen because we want to assure those who have experienced loss that they are never alone. It is the mission of Preferred Hospice to be there when you need us, where you need us, and for as long as they need us. We want to offer our support emotionally and spiritually.

There are many songs that put into words, the difficult feelings experienced when losing someone close to you. We have listed a few here, but feel free to go to our Facebook page and recommend others that you have personally found helpful. In addition to music, poetry can also bring comfort in times of loss. We have a few listed below.

Other Music and/or Music Videos:

The Band Leeland: Brighter Days
How Can I Help you Say Goodbye - By Patty Loveless
Angel - By Sarah McLachlan
Holes in the Floor of Heaven - By Steve Wariner
Tears In Heaven - By Eric Clapton and Will Jennings
I Will Remember You - By Sara McLachlan
My Heart Will Go On - By Celine Dion
The Dance - By Garth Brooks
Can't Cry Hard Enough - By Williams Brothers
Somewhere Out There - By James Ingram and Linda Ronstadt
Fly - By Celine Dion
Oh Very Young - By Cat Stevens
The Rose - By Bette Midler
Candle in the Wind - By Elton John - Lyrics by Bernie Taupin
Nobody Knows - By The Tony Rich Project - Another version sung by Kevin Sharp


Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep

Creating a "Memory" box to honor a loved one, can be a wonderful first step in working through the grief process. Please call our office and speak to one of our grief counselors to get started.

"I wanted to honor my grandfather's memory, so I created this box for him. One very distinct memory I have of my grandfather was of the quarters he would give to my sister and me every time we would see him. I glued several quarters on the inside of the lid to represent that particular memory. I also included several photos of my grandfather, taken throughout his life. I put a couple items that belonged to him, a pocket watch and a pair of sunglasses, in the box as well. Having this box to remind me of him is very comforting."

Kayla B.

Join our Facebook family and post photos of your box. Share your thoughts on handling grief and coping with loss, with others who have also experienced loss.