About Us

Preferred Hospice is a Missouri-based company comprised of a multidisciplinary team of Healthcare workers who specialize in end-of-life care. Among the senior team are Physician and Nurses who together bring over 50 years of Healthcare experience.

Our mission is to have a positive impact on the lives of those we serve, inspire through example, and encourage celebration of life. We will assist with emotional peace of mind and both physical and spiritual healing.

The Preferred Hospice Philosophy

Many scientists have studied the V formation of bird migration. Why do they fly in this formation? What benefit does this bring?

They discovered that the heart rate of birds were lower when flying in a V rather than flying solo. Migration birds use this information because it allows them to glide more often, conserving energy. The V shape reduces air resistance, allowing the geese to fly up to 70% further rather than flying in isolation.

The V formation may offer other benefits as well. Each bird has an unobstructed field of vision, allowing flock members to see each other and communicate while in flight. The goose at the head of the V is not necessarily the leader of the flock. Geese take turns leading. When one bird tires, it drops to the back of the formation and another takes its place. The birds do not fly close enough to realize the full benefit of that shape. The V also gives the geese the ability to watch each other and communicate about likely landing locations. They communicate regularly in flight. Geese are very loyal birds. A male and female mate for life. A family group will stay together even within the flock. If a bird in the flock becomes injured during migration and can’t keep up with the V, a few family members will go down with the injured bird to keep it safe while it recuperates. This is teamwork.

By choosing Preferred Hospice, you have become a member of our flock. You, the patient, will be the leader of the flock and point us in the direction you want us to go with your healthcare decisions. We will communicate through out the journey. When you get tired and are unable to lead, we will continue in the same direction. When your are unable to fly, there will be some of our staff to stay with you.

We sometimes feel we have to make this journey alone. As the birds discovered long ago, the trip is easier in a group than flying solo.

We at Preferred Hospice would like to be a part of your flock as you make your journey.


Hospice offers many opportunities for our volunteer staff including:

Direct Care Volunteers: Provides companionship to patients, runs errands and does light housekeeping, he or she may also provide childcare and other activities as needed by the patient and family.

Professional Direct Care Volunteers: Provide their expertise to work with the patient and family members based on their experience and license or degree.

Bereavement Volunteer: This volunteer stays in close contact with family members at different times of the year to make sure that the loved one's are coping with the loss in their family.

Office Volunteer: The office volunteer assists with many things in the office from entering data in the database to assisting with mail outs, and is a very valuable asset to the team. He/she coordinates work that needs to be done with the volunteer coordinator.

The Auxiliary Volunteer: This volunteer serves as hostess and works on mailings at home of office and participates in fund raising projects, and generally uses his/her professional and homemaking skills to meet the hospice needs. He/she is often a member of a club or organization in the community, and speaks publicly to assist in promoting Hospice volunteerism.

The Special Occasion Volunteer: They might not have a whole lot of time, but want to contribute some of their time to the community. They do this by delivering birthday cards and posters to Hospice patients or by making cookies and treats for the patients on holidays.

Jr. Volunteer: They help bring a little sunshine to the patients by making cards for patients and coloring pictures. They are too young to visit, but offer their artistic abilities as children to the patients and patients adore them as well.

Arts and Crafts Volunteer: Assist patients with a painting or drawing to express his or her feelings. This can be a recognized artist of the community or student or anyone that loves participating in arts and crafts.


To people in crisis, whose lives are subject to so much unpredictability, it is essential to know that you can count of someone or something. Never offer more than you can deliver.

To become a Preferred Hospice volunteer, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator. We will provide you with the appropriate training… and you will make a difference in the final months of someone’s life.